SIGG: Πηγή ζωής για τα παιδιά που έχουν ανάγκη

Με σλόγκαν «Το Νερό είναι Ζωή» η εταιρεία SIGG μαζί με το Σοφία για τα Παιδιά συνεχίζουν για τρίτη χρονιά την κοινή τους δράση, στηρίζοντας έμπρακτα τα παιδιά της Αφρικής που έχουν ανάγκη. Μία ενέργεια που ξεκίνησε το 2020 και αγκαλιάστηκε θερμά από το κοινό σε όλο τον κόσμο συνεχίζει και φέτος, με το διεθνές […]

SIGG Cyprus: Colourful Easter with SIGG – Sustainable Gift Ideas

Only after the last Easter egg has been cracked and the last chocolate bunny has been devoured will you notice that these brightly colored gift ideas are the only things to last longer. Easter is almost around the corner, just like every year. And when it comes to exchanging Easter gifts, usually the more chocolate […]

SIGG Cyprus: Hiking Style Trends

water bottles

Hiking has become one of the most popular sports – and we have seen that it has developed into various forms! A quick glance at the outdoor sections of department and sport stores reveals that outstanding design and high quality products and accessories are both required to attract hiking lovers in Cyprus. So, whether you’re […]

SIGG Cyprus: Back to School with SIGG Cyprus Kids Water Bottles!

kids water bottles in cyprus

Functionality, cheerful design, and most importantly HYGIENE! Hygiene has always been the number 1 concern for parents with children going to school, but in recent months it has become critical. SIGG water bottles will not only keep your children hydrated, but it will also keep the drinking lid free of germs and bacteria.  How?  Thanks […]

SIGG Cyprus: Shop your Meridian Thermo Flask at

The best drinking experience! It is widely known that SIGG’s product design is always in sync with the latest trends… So, let’s take a moment to discuss this exciting drinking experience. The famous Swiss drinking bottles are not only functional, but also visually appealing, and their latest thermo flasks, specifically their Meridian bottle line, is […]

Find the new collection of SIGG Cyprus Kids Water Bottles at

New colours, features and functions are more than enough to engage childrens’ interest in a water bottle and to encourage them to hydrate properly! Sounds bizarre, but SIGG’s experts are well aware of this and have once again used their experience, love and attention to detail to create the new collections of kids water bottles. […]